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    Regardless of the type of property you own or live in, good management comes down to one thing more than any other: communication. Our management systems offer experienced staff who deliver the upmost pragmatic, professional services to landlord and their tenants. For when issues arise, rest assured that Liv London will cater for your property, honouring you with a trustworthy reliable service and relationship.


Management Services

As full service managing agents we aim to provide every type of property manager with all the help and support they may need from residential, block and rentals.  Below is a list of our management services, should you need further help please fill out the form and a managing agent shall get back to you.

Property Maintenance

Liv London will undertake a full review of the property upon commencement of management. This will include a schedule of major works in addition to a cost analysis review of current contracts in place, to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Plan & Budget

Your managing agent will liase with the Directors in order to agree a plan of repair and maintenance. In so doing, we can adequately budget for future works on your property and ensure that expenditure will be planned and under control.

Management Admin

You will be assigned a specific managing agent who will administer and supervise each active contract, reducing the number of unforeseen problems on-going.

Landlord services

A member of our management team will be in touch to address your needs